2019 Festival Rules and Regulations

2019 Sempre Musick Festival herein also designated as Festival.

  • Open to all Instruments (including Voice).
  • Applications accepted starting February 4, 2019.
  • Deadline for Applications Friday, April 25, 2019.
  • Solo, Duet, or small Chamber Ensembles applications accepted.
  • Auditions are not required.
  • For applicants under 18 years old, the application form must be signed (endorsed) by a parent or guardian of the applicant.
 Application Fees (Non-Refundable):    
Solo Performer: $100.00 (US)

  Duets: $110.00 (US)
 Groups of 3 or more: $140.00 (US)  
 payable by check or US money order to Sempre Musick.
Send via regular mail to: Sempre Musick  
234 North Adams Street,
Manchester, NH 03104
  • Applicants will also submit a signed acceptance of the 2019 Festival rules and regulations with their application.
  • Performers will play one selection: maximum performance duration– 5 minutes

Be advised that the 5-minute performance limit will be strictly enforced—No exceptions. Performers will play one composition from the Baroque, or Classical, or Romantic, or Contemporary periods from standard repertoire of five minutes or less duration. One movement of a Sonatina, Sonata, or Concerto will be considered one piece. Arrangements, simplified or modified editions, popular music, or non-classical music will not be accepted. Repeats are not allowed.

  • Sempre Musick will approve all repertoire to be performed. If your repertoire is not approved your application fee will be refunded.
  • Performances are expected to be fluent, musical, performed with poise, and must be memorized.
  • Participants may not change their chosen repertoire once an application has been submitted.
  • Performers will supply their own accompanist as required. Sempre Musick does not provide accompanists.
  • Performance spaces are limited. Applications will be processed in the order received provided prompt payment has been received.
  • The Festival will take place on Sunday, May 26, 2019 at Killian Hall on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, MA. 
  • Participants may not leave the recital until its conclusion unless special arrangements are made with Sempre Musick prior to the Festival.
  • The use of photographic, sound, or video recording devices for your exclusive personal use during the recital will be allowed. Sempre Musick reserves the right to determine, how, where, and when use may occur and to prohibit or remove equipment or individuals that interfere with or impede the Festival.
  • Certificates of participation will be granted to performers.
  • All entry materials become the sole property of the Sempre Musick and will not be returned to the applicant for any reason.
  • Sempre Musick reserves the right to reject applications that are late, inaccurate, or incomplete.
  • By applying and/or participating in this Festival, applicants release and hold Sempre Musick harmless from any and all liability for any injuries, loss, or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person, including personal injury, death, or property damage, resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any Award, participation in the Festival and/or Recital, any breach of the Festival Rules, or in any Award-related activity. The applicant agrees to fully indemnify Sempre Musick from any and all claims by third parties relating to the Festival, without limitation.
  • Sempre Musick is not responsible for cancellations or delays due to malfunctioning equipment in the venue or inclement weather.
  • By participating in the Festival, applicants grant Sempre Musick the right to use his/her personal information for publicity and promotional purposes relating to the Festival, in print and media without further compensation, unless prohibited by law. Sempre Musick reserves the right to make any changes in the rules, regulations and policy.
  • Decisions by Sempre Musick are final and cannot be appealed.
  • Formal or Business Attire Dress Code will be required for the Festival’s Recital.
  • Those attending the Festival’s Recital are responsible for their own travel and housing arrangements.
  • International travelers are responsible for obtaining a B-2 Visa. Please visit your local US Embassy for more information.
  • Performers participating in the Festival are responsible for their own practice and accompaniment arrangements.