2020 Sempre Musick Online Application

    -- Ages 5-8: Registration fee: $50.
    -- Ages 9-12: Registration fee: $55.
    -- Ages 13-15: Registration fee: $60.
    -- Ages 16-19: Registration fee: $65.
    -- Ages 20-24: Registration fee: $70.

    -- One music selection of your choice is required. One movement of a Sonata or other larger works like a Partita or Suite will be considered as one selection.
    -- A second contrasting composition from a different time period is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. A contrasting movement from a single work, e.g. Sonata/Partita/Suite, is acceptable.
    -- There is no minimum or maximum time length for submission.
    -- Memorization is required.
    -- For instruments including strings, wind, voice: due to the current situation, applicants are not required to have an accompanist.

    -- All Fees are non-refundable.
    -- Pay via PayPal, or email (sempremusick@gmail.com) for alternative arrangements, including check and credit card.

    -- A link to applicant's video recording should be submitted as part of the application form.




    Video Checklist:
    • Video recordings only. (No audio-only recordings.)
    • A single recording containing the participant’s full application repertoire.
    • Recordings more than 6 months old will not be accepted.
    • Uploaded to YouTube as an UNLISTED video.
    • Video Title: Firstname, Lastname, Recording Date – Sempre Musick 2020 Competition
    • Specify detailed information regarding your repertoire in the video description, including Composer, Title, Opus Number.