2021 Online Competition Rules

How to Enter

All applications must be completed and submitted via our website before the – 11.59 pm EST May 23, 2021 DEADLINE.

All applicants submit their performances in the form of a YouTube link.

Inaccessible links will be considered a withdrawal and ineligible for a refund.

By submitting your video, you authorize Sempre Musick to republish it in any form or medium for 1 year.

All applicants must upload a photo and pay the following non-refundable application fee through the website’s online payment tool: 

Single Instrument — Competition fee – $75

Piano Duet — Competition fee – $85

A confirmation email will be sent to those completing the online application form and submitting the application fee.

If an applicant has completed an application and paid the application fee in full but has not received an email of confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us at sempremusick@gmail.com

The organization is not responsible for applications that were not received.

Competition Rules

There will be eight Age Groups (age as of May 1, 2021).

Performance Length Details

  • 4-5 years old: up to 4 min       
  • 6-8 years old:  up to 5 min
  • 9-11 years old: up to 8 min
  • 12-14 years old: up to 10 min
  • 15-17 years old: up to 15 min
  • 18-21 years old: up to 18 min
  • 22-26 years old: up to 20 min
  • 27+ years old: up to 20 min


  • No restrictions on genres or number of compositions, subject to the overall time limit for the age group.
  • Memorization is required.
  • If possible, a single YouTube link should be provided for the entire performance. However, individual YouTube links will be accepted.
  • Competition results are final and cannot be altered.


  • Results will be announced after June 15, 2021.

Awards (All Age Groups): 

  • 1st Prize Diploma 
  • 2nd Prize Diploma 
  • 3rd Prize Diploma 
  • Honorable Mention Diplomas
  • *Special Prizes may be awarded
  • *The Judges reserve the right to award more than one of the same prize, or not award a prize at all.