About Sempre Musick

About Sempre Musick


Performing since 2016

Sempre Musick was founded for budding musicians, by professional musicians with decades of experience on stage and in the classroom.

  • We create opportunities for talented young musicians to perform together with professional orchestras.
  • Our Competitions and Festivals allow students to gain recognition for their studies, practice, and hard work.
  • Our public performances provide opportunities for communities to experience the joy of live classical music. 

Our beginnings

In June 2017, Sempre Musick held its first Concerto Concert, which featured 19 outstanding young musicians, with Maestro David Feltner conducting.
In 2018, Sempre Musick launched the International Performance Competition, with the expanded scope encompassing Piano, Strings, and Winds. 
In 2020, the Sempre Musick International Competition was expanded to include a Folk and Traditional Instruments category.

Musick for all

Through our events, we allow young musicians to find their unique voices, develop their concert performance skills, and gain valuable feedback by closely interacting with professional musicians with years of experience.