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Q: Who are the musicians in the Sempre Musick Orchestra?
Our orchestra is comprised of professional musicians in the greater Boston area with years of concert experience.

Q: Where are Sempre Musick concerts typically organized?
Sempre Musick events are typically hosted at a venue in Andover, MA. 

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Q: What repertoire can I perform?
Our repertoire spans a variety of musical eras, genres, and levels of study. Please consult the individual event pages for specific guidelines.

Q: Can I perform repertoire not on the pre-approved list?
Concerto: We consider requests on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us to inquire.
Solo / Ensemble with Orchestra: No, listed repertoire only.
Bach Two-Part Invention: No, listed repertoire only. 
Performance Competition and Judged Festival: any repertoire is allowed, as long as it meets the age category time limits. 

Q: Are there any exceptions to the stated requirements to play from memory?
No. Memorization is mandatory for all soloists unless stated otherwise (e.g., duet / ensemble performers and Judged Festival participants). Please consult the individual event pages for details.

Q: Can I change my repertoire after application?
No. As Sempre Musick makes significant planning and financial commitments based on applicants’ selected repertoire, repertoire changes are not allowed.

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Q: Can I participate in multiple events?
Certainly! You are welcome to register for multiple events, as long as you meet the requirements for each.

Q: What expenses are covered by the Registration Fee? What is your refund policy?
The Registration Fee covers the costs of application review, judging, planning, and other initial administrative expenses that are incurred as part of registration processing. The Registration Fee is not refundable. 

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Application Videos

Q: What are the guidelines for video submissions?

  • Video should be recent and reflect the applicant’s ability.
  • Video should show at minimum the performer’s upper body and hands.
  • Applicants must adhere to the event memorization requirements.
  • Video must be made in a single take, without edits (unless it is a professionally produced video with multiple camera angles of a live performance).
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube or similar online platform.
  • Include the video link with your application.
  • Ensure that the link to the video is accessible without requiring an access request (e.g., unlisted or public). Inaccessible videos can lead to disqualification.

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Q: How are places and special prizes awarded?
Our judges score each applicant based on the demonstrated musical ability in the audition. While we do not publish the specific criteria, we consider repertoire difficulty, instrumental technique, and artistry.

Special award recipients are determined from qualified contestants across all age categories.

The Concerto Competition Grand Prix winner is selected from all contestants after their live performance with the Sempre Musick Orchestra, based on their demonstrated ability as an orchestra soloist.

Sempre Musick reserves the right to award multiple prizes, or to not award a particular prize.

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Recital Fees

Q: How are the Recital Fees calculated?
In planning our events, Sempre Musick faces a number of significant costs. The biggest expenses are hiring the orchestra musicians and conductor. Other costs include renting the concert venue, acquiring orchestral music scores, and other logistics. The majority of these costs are based on the number of participants, and not known in advance.

These costs are covered by the Recital Fees. We split these costs between performers, in proportion to their performance length and repertoire orchestration.

Q: What would be my Recital Fee?
Bach Two-Part Invention Competition, Performance Competition, and Judged Festival: The fixed Recital Fee is listed on the event page.

Concerto, Solo / Ensemble with Orchestra: As part of the judging process, we review every applicant’s repertoire selection and audition video in detail. We offer fixed fees for shorter repertoire with string orchestra, as well as estimates for longer repertoire with string orchestra. For additional instrumentation (winds, brass, percussion), recital fees will be quoted based on the number of professional musicians required for the live performance. Please refer to the event pages for details. 

Q: What are the payment methods for the Recital Fee?
We accept Venmo, Zelle, or check by mail. Payment details will be communicated after the judging process is completed.

Q: What is your Recital Fee refund policy?
As Sempre Musick makes financial commitments based on each registered participant, we are unable to refund recital fees.

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Winners Recital: Schedule and Rehearsals

Q: Why are there multiple concert dates?
Your performance date is determined based on your repertoire and the availability of orchestra musicians. Concert dates will be finalized after all recital fees are collected. Due to the logistical complexities, we cannot accommodate individual requests.

Q: Will there be rehearsals before the Recital?
Concerto, Solo / Ensemble with Orchestra: all soloists will have a live rehearsal with the Sempre Musick Orchestra on the day of the performance.
Bach Two-Part Invention: all performers will have a live rehearsal with the Sempre Musick Baroque Ensemble on the day of the performance.

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Day of Event – Performers 

Q: Is there a practice or warm-up space available on the day of the event? 
No practice or warm-up rooms will be available onsite.

Q: What is the dress code for performers?
Rehearsal: nice casual.
Performance: formal attire.

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Day of Event – Audience

Q: Are Sempre Musick events open to the public?
Yes, our performances are publicly accessible. Details will be announced a couple of weeks before the event dates. 

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Q: How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are required for each concert. Tickets will be available for purchase via our website in advance, or at the door.

Q: Are small children allowed at Sempre Musick events? 

We respectfully ask attendees to consider if their young children can remain silent for the entire duration of the event. We do not recommend bringing children under the age of six unless they are performing. Disruptive attendees may be asked to leave.

Q: Is photography and audio / video recording allowed?
We will arrange professional video and audio recording, which will be available for purchase. Individual recordings (of your child only) allowed for parent / guardian. No tripods are allowed in the venue. Flash photography is prohibited.

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Publicity Disclaimer

Participants and audience may be photographed and / or recorded by Sempre Musick. By registering or attending our events, you agree that we may use this content for publicity and marketing purposes.

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